Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Zunheboto

Achievements of KVK

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Nagaland University in collaboration with ICAR, New Delhi, under NEH Programme initiated the programme on introduction of KUFRI JYOTI .

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Plantation drive

Plantation drive along with SBI Lumami

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Non discript goat

Long hair goat which is found at Zunheboto district

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Terrace farming practice

Farming practice observed at Zunheboto district

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Newspaper Articles

1.Organic farming in Nagaland. Dr. Rakesh Kr. Chaurasia

2.Avian influenza and its preventive measures. Dr. Rakesh Kr. Chaurasia

3. Brucellosis (Azoonotic disease). Dr. Rakesh Kr. Chaurasia

4. Low cost feeding in pigs using locally available feeding materials. Dr. Rakesh Kr. Chaurasia

5. Managemental practices for economic swine production. Dr. Rakesh Kr. Chaurasia

6.Rodents and its management. Wapangtoshi Longkumer

Technical bulettins

1. IPM on citrus By- Mr. Wapangtoshi

2. Swine production and its management By- Dr. Rakesh Kumar Chaursia

3. Package & practices of mandarine orange By- Ms. Edenly Chishi

4. Benifits of growing legumes By- Miss. Sentimenla

5. Package and practices of soybean By- Mr. Visakho Shunyu

6. Need of diatery fibre By- Dr. Kundan Kumar

7. Soymilk preparation By. Miss. Narola Anichari

Other Activities (August 2023)

1. Farmers Training - 11

2. Extension activities - 13

3. OFT - 1

4. FLD - 1

5. Method demonstration - 2

6. Scientist visit - 4

7. Farmers Scientist interaction- 2

8. Distribution of inputs - 3

9. Animal Health Camp - 2

10. Village covered under MGMG - 1